Oh, look, I’m on Ello

So, you know the deal: my username is y3w_tree. Search me. Supposedly, my account is viewable to people outside of Ello. I decided on that because as neat as it seems, I’m skeptical about whether any website can keep private things…well, private. After all, look at what happened with LinkedIn.

Anyway, I might use Ello as something of a Twitter/Tumblr subsitute. Twitter is neat to a point, but then it just becomes the exact same kind of news and bullshit it was praised as being counter to back when the Arab Spring was at it’s highest point. Tumblr…ugh, look, I can appreciate it for hosting the likes of The World of Steven Universe, and if any place is going to be derided as the place of The Evil Feminazi Trans Negro Jew Islamist Welfare Latino-Asian Cabal, then I’m on their side by default…oh, wait, no, that’s not what Tumblr actually is. Instead, here’s 10,000 notes/reblogs of gifs from that horrible fucking Sherlock TV show, and let’s plaster a bunch of quotes from famous people, celebrity and the like while discarding said “insight” the very second you see something else that’s novel to the point of being meaningless. Though…maybe that’s just human nature rearing it’s ugly head. Yeah, folks, if you’re going the Social Justice Warrior route, don’t depend on Tumblr. It’s only going to break your heart (and possibly your mouse/keyboard in visceral rage). Good porn, though.

So, yeah, hit me up on Ello. My account is NSFW, though I don’t know what I could do that could be classified as such right now. Maybe nihilistic philosophizing dick pics could help.

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