Sorry for the wait!

So…it has been a long time since I’ve been here. Time for an explanation.

I have made some major headway into my moviemaking project, “Alpha City”, and have not only been working on that at a faster pace than usual, but I have also started a new Twitter account (despite my misgivings) where I can show my moviemaking work and show my face…kinda. I still have a thing about showing myself in person due to the fact that my current position leaves me in a bind, plus I am honestly very nervous about showing myself as a person. Call it trauma, call it fear, whatever. The point is: I feel the need to PROVE myself before I show myself, and while I have posted quite a few selfies, I doubt that people would immediately be able to recognize me from said selfies when I walk down the street. Not yet, anyway.

So, there’s that. I have also recently made a change in my personal operating system from Trisquel to Windows 8.1, which brings me a tinge of shame and also a tinge of relief. Yes, Trisquel did it’s job when I used it to make, “Alpha City” with just Kdenlive, Krita, Tupi, Audacity and SMPlayer/VLC, but…well, the hard truth about moviemaking is that one has to sometimes either go in all the way with proprietary software in order to make something that is at least watchable or not at all. Granted, that situation is rapidly changing as of this writing, and I am still using Krita/Tupi to do my work, it’s just that in a world where there are patient-induced clusterfucks in a world where more people are going for streaming than Blu-Rays, one has adopt to ANYTHING just to get their work seen. There are plenty of good, “open” or, “free” alternatives to the proprietary center, yes, it’s just that one has to get pretty deep into it for it to work properly…but when I say, “pretty deep”, I mean relatively speaking. I mean, I’m not GNU/Linux greybeard or whatever, so I can’t say I’ve dealt with anything particularly difficult.

On the plus side, I have more access to other tools. People say that Sony Vegas is pretty good if one doesn’t want to deal with Adobe Premiere Pro and…whatever the hell Adobe is trying to get away with. I mean, treating AN ARTIST’S TOOLS like a service that one has to PAY FOR monthly/annually just to be able to access like one normally could in the old days? Sorry, but that’s fucked up. I understand that Photoshop is an industry that one has to use* if one wants to be taken seriously…but I don’t intend to be taken seriously. Not like that, anyway. So, yeah, still looking for a decent video editor now that I’m using a different operating system that…well, lets me play more games and is slightly more stable/compatible with my recent video card upgrade to GTX 960. That’s literally it. Ah, well. At least I can play Dark Souls 2 and Planetside 2.

So, yeah, that’s why it took so long. SORRY! On the plus side, maybe I can speed things up with my movie and hopefully produce something that people like.

* Yeah, that’s debatable, what with the free software alternatives like Krita. No, I will not recommend Gimp. Because Gimp sucks.

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