I’m on Patreon!

So, yeah, I am now on Patreon. This is just an experiment, however, where I will do some…well, naughty things. Depending on who you ask, this could either be the end of my street cred, or the beginning of it. Yes, I know about the recent hack, but I have looked at all the other options and Patreon is the one that is most flexible to what I need to do not just for myself, but for the people who decided to work with me.

I decided to join Patreon after a long while of reflection, recent life changes and thoughts about how I can compensate the voice actors working with me on, “Alpha City”. See, Kez Grey and I once discussed a while back on how we can sell the movie and get some money for it, and since she herself is quite involved in selling their own artistic work, that is understandable. Yes, artists are people who have to run on food, clothing and shelter, too, folks. We don’t just run on experience and dreams. At the same time, having learned a lot about the moviemaking process over the years, I have been very daunted about how exactly I can do all of that and make it all, well, legal. The thing is, one can’t just make a movie with a bunch of people, edit together whatever is most presentable and call it a day. There has to be a paper trail, contracts, agreements and compensation, and it was something that dogged me for a while, sometimes even more than the prospect of finishing the movie and having it be watchable.

But Patreon came and…well, ok, I didn’t jump on it right away. I hung around the same crowd who pissed and moaned about artists using it to, “paywall” their work. You know, the same assholes who utter breathless words about their favorite music/game/movie/porn etc., but who become indignant the moment they see some person on the internet try to make money off of their work. “But Y3W_TREE! Things on the internet want to be free! They shouldn’t try to rob people of access to other people’s stuff on The Internet”, one says (presumably). My reaction to that is, “Get back to me when you’ve read, “Information Doesn’t Want To Be Free” by Cory Doctrow, AND when you’ve learned to gain a little more empathy and/or a better sense of cause/effect, you troglodyte!” And, lest anyone think that I’m coming from a misplaced sense of superiority, this is my desktop:

Ungodly amounts of spank material…speaking of which, I should be working on my essay on, “Aloha” and, “While We’re Young”.

The point is, saying that an artist, who is more often than not in the bottom 40 percent, should just give all of their stuff for free because it’s the internet is like saying that us Californians should run around nude because our state is the birthplace of religions as batshit as Scientology. In other words, fuck you, pay us. “Eh, well fuck YOU, too. You should be getting a REAL job anyway, not nickeling and diming your artf*ggotry!” One, I love that you think that desk jockeying/construction work are immune to globalization and economic downturn, and if that’s your attitude towards other human beings just because of some arbitrary category of, “work”…well, I guess I can’t help you. Though with that kind of attitude, I should probably be grateful that you’re not a doctor or running for political office lest you do more serious damage.

Anyway, I’ve kinda outgrown that now. Yes, I still have the twin viruses of Richard Stallman and whatever the fuck the people behind The Pirate Bay/Napster were up to. Plus, I wouldn’t be anywhere near as perceptive and erudite had my culture not allowed the concept of The Taxpayer-Funded Public Library Where Even The Dirty Poors Check Out Shit For Free* to survive in the 21st century, so I know the value of free and accessible. It’s just that even the easiest shit has a cost, and for the better of everyone, it’s a cost that needs to be brought out in the open so that we can actually help those who bring that shit to life.

Hence, I have a Patreon. I hope you take a look at it and support it. Plus, I have some goodies to give you if you pitch in. Everybody loves goodies. If you want my delicious goodies, Come on and pitch to my Patreon…wow, that sentence seemed a lot better in my head. Anyway, pitch in. “Alpha City” depends on it. Thank you.

*Yes, I’m aware of the oxymoron.