Let’s Fight On

We all know what happened by now. Right now, the U.S. Senate, House and now the Presidency is officially Trumplican. Racial and social minorities did our part to stop it despite massive reservations about Hillary as a candidate, and we nabbed quite a few victories stateside (Censorship-free porn and legal weed, woooo) but…well, we lost. We lost hard. Got the popular vote, sure, but our system is kinda whacked and is still holding on to systemic baggage from a time of legalized slavery. Now, there is a lot of blame to go around. People apparently rallied around Gary Johnson out of principle in some states, and people are blaming those voters for this happening (putting aside that if a person votes for a guy who doesn’t know who Harriet fucking Tubman is, their chance of voting democratic is a longshot). Others are blaming people of color and LGTBIA folks for this happening despite, well, math. Yes, I did despair. I’m a pessimist, or at least I present myself as such on this website, but I didn’t think this would happen. Goes to show that experts can be wrong, that optimism as a concept is flawed. America has shown us its true colors, and their names are, “White Power”, “Frustrated Male Blue Balls” and, “Red Hate” (Speaking of which, holy fuck did white women fuck up bad this election).

And it has always been that way.

Already I’m seeing a lot of talk on Twitter and other social media sites about a need for organization. Oh, you mean that thing you opposed when people beat the shit out of Nazis in San Francisco? That thing you poo-pooed because, “Nazis have a legitimate voice, they should have their fair share?” and also because, “Fighting the baddies makes you look just like the baddies!” or some other middle school PSA bullshit? Or…actually, this looks like another piece of blame that I derided at the beginning of this essay. Fuck. Ok, look, right now we still have a civilization. Part of one, anyway. Many of the coastal states (except for Florida) are blue. Republican governors and office holders have been ousted. For fucks sake, the people/political system of the United States of America elected a fucking Black woman as a Supreme Court judge in Minnesota. Certainly that counts for something? Well…yes, and no. Right now, Trump has the power…provided infighting doesn’t happen.

That’s the thing, no matter what, whether the Republicans that pissed and moaned about him before pivot or have something inside their hollow skulls develop a conscious and make them revolt, we’re fucked. Presidential offices, especially in an empire like ours, are sought for a reason: because they give you the power to get shit done…provided everyone is on your side. Obama didn’t get that, as questionable as his policies and stances were, but now, on the surface at least, Trump did. And they will use us as punching bags just to do it, just to establish their power. Because we’re not dealing with, “politicians” in the clinical, often-sneered sense of the word, but with monsters. Ya’ll thought ISIS were a bunch of shitgoblins? Look at what is going on right now, in the context of this centuries-old social experiment where the ideals of representation and democracy were upheld. Look at the promises made for white men. Look at how the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights shunned everyone else but white men at the founding of this country. Look at the amendments and gradual changes that were made to include the shunned. Then look at people like Susan B. Anthony, who resented such advances even as they claimed to be fighting for such by saying, “I will cut off this right arm of mine before I will ask for the ballot for the Negro and not for the woman”. Then look at the other people whose great work was buried just to preserve a clean narrative of progress in so-called, “Western Civilization” (Ida B. Wells, W.E.B. Du Bois, Alan Turing, Sylvia Rivera, Paul Robeson, Rosa Parks et. all). That is what this all leads up to. This is the consequence of fighting for love, justice and equality in a country that hates us.

But we must fight on. If the world will treat us as cockroaches, then we shall do as cockroaches do best: adapt, survive, and eventually thrive. Let’s walk around those military boots worn by dipshits LARPing their idea of a (white) revolution at the expense of every decent human being who is still in this world. We’ve thrown back tear gas, threw a wrench into misguided plans to make a fucking oil well next to a water supply,  made great movies about the struggle for liberation that also emphasized the diversity and humanity of the struggle, and challenged the status quo to its face just by existing. And while not every march was a victory, and while not everyone is on our side, we made enough of an impact to make people wake the fuck up. Say what you will about Occupy Wall Street and its dissolution/disorganization, at least it raised such a ruckus it changed the vernacular we use to discuss income inequality. And how is, say, George Zimmerman holding up after he shot Trayvon Martin and was acquited in what was basically a show trial where Fox News commentors and their ilk danced on a black boy’s grave? Exactly.

The issue is, these problems we face exist not just because of various systems and cultures that hold them up, but also because we have a naive belief in compromise. We believed in brown-nosing, civility and even kindness towards those who have explicitly said that they want us dead thousands, if not millions of times. But the hard truth is that the good things and people we take for granted aren’t here because of half-measures. They are here because someone, or a lot of someones, had an idea, acted on it, and stuck with it. Harriet Tubman did not help people while thinking of a way of being kind to slave masters while doing so. And the people who are with us today have advanced the concept of human rights and social equality with no regard to people who give us no regard in return.

America has shown us its true face. We will fight by showing ours. By supporting our own. By learning, growing, loving, arguing, and dying with the very same principles that this nation has denied us in the past as it does today. We will show the ugly, backwards minority that presides over this world what it means to be human as they deny us the distinction of being such. Take every punch, cut, shove and bullet and still stand. Still adapt.

Grieve. Support ourselves and each other. Fight on together.

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