Thank You For 2 Years of Support

So, I’ve been doing this blog for over 2 years, and the Patreon thing for about that long. I’ve learned a bit, got some support, had some people spread the word on my stuff and I’m…actually quite happy. I’m just one person, but I have gotten quite a bit of attention and support. Just to show you folks what I’m going on about, I’ll show a screenshot and description of my Patreon page below:

My patreon page, including my mission statement (overview), the number of people contributing, my goals, and the rewards I am offering.

But, whether you are contributing to my Patreon page or are just here every time I post something, I want to thank you for your support. You have been here for me when I have been sad, nihilistic, pretentious, happy or even just kinda banal in my writing and art, and it’s folks like you who are the reason why I create. Yes, I’m supposed to be that idealistic artist who runs on dreams and unicorn piss, but the truth is that I need to eat. I need validation, critique, and signs that I am going somewhere. Call it the sign of a member of a generation raised on the idea of instant gratification for being quite anxious about what they are doing, or a sign of insecurity, or both of those things and then some. I’m human, basically. I need support. And I think you for giving it however you can.

Or…well, if you’re just getting here and want to know what the hell I’m going on about, welcome! Glad you could join me. I am Y3W_TREE, a person with various interests like moviemaking, video games, photography, drawing and even music, who does most of their work as a self-motivated writer on this site. The bulk of my writing will concern movies (because I fucking love the movies), but it will also go into my personal life. Sometimes about me as a black trans woman, others about various kinds of growing pains. So, I’m quite real, is what I’m saying.

Whether you’re new or someone who has been following this space for a while, I hope you enjoy my work or at least walk away a little more thoughtful and curious. And please give me your support through my Patreon page, whether you donate or even just give me a comment or question. Thank you.

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