My Favorite Media of 2017, and other things

So. I have been involved in a lot of shit from hosting local events to reevaluating my life to feeling like I’m going to puke then falling asleep after several alcoholic drinks. And now here I am, ready to show you my favorite movies and video games of 2017. Or, at least, let you know that I’m going to. The reason for this is because I am making this an audio post in the future, where I will be gushing over my favorite works in the shitshow of a year that was 2017 while playing music from talented folks licensed under Creative Commons. So, I get to showcase the work of other people while still being dedicated to being as honest and free as possible.

I have posted the rough draft of my work to my Patreon page weeks ago, and so I wish to give you folks the same treatment. So, here you go. I have made this a downloadable document for you to peer over and agree/disagree/be confused by, and you will get this as a full audio work soon. But in the wake of some discourse around some work that I’ve admired, particularly, “The Shape of Water” and how it does and does not deal with disability and other marginalized folk, I’m thinking of making some adjustments. I have also been reevaluating what the work of some artists means to me over the past few days, and whether my commentary is sufficient or is just a waste of space in a world where systemic oppression is present. So…that’s heavy and may be very harsh, but that’s just the reality of the whole situation. Not that I haven’t talked about that stuff before.

As for the, “other things” part of this post…no, I have not seen, “Black Panther”, yet. Heard it’s pretty great, albeit with some problems that previous Marvel Cinematic Universe/superhero movies have. And of course the discourse around the movie ranges from critical and passionate to mean-spirited and insufferable. But hey, such are the traits of popular media discourse, and with the grace of god go I.

Furthermore, I want to improve the frequency in which I post content to this site. I do provide monthly updates to my Patreon people, sure, but not everyone can do that and some people like to access my work here. So I am trying to provide more bite-sized thoughts on multiple things in popular culture and politics in between the more ambitious, wordy stuff like my upcoming, “Favorite Media of 2017” post. And I know that I have been neglecting the people who actually care about what I have to say for quite some time, so I apologize for that.

Also, I have recently worked with the PSL (Party for Socialism and Liberation) to host a forum on the life of trans activist Marsha P. Johnson and the commodification of her life that has occurred since. It has been posted on behalf of Liberation News, and I figure that now would be a good time to let people know what I sound like, and also what I look like when I am able to put on makeup. So, the video is below, and I hope you learn something from it:

In any case, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am not dead and am in fact intending to give you folks more of my thoughts sometime soon. I have just been busy. I have been reconsidering a lot of things especially in the wake of the discourse around the Oscars and some of the movies I admire in the rough draft of my, “. And have been struggling with work along with the usual mix of inferiority/superiority complexes that makes one wonder if the world around you is fucked or if it is just you. But, I guess I can only go through that kind of thing alone and hope that I’m not hurting people in the process. At least, hurting people who don’t deserve it.

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