“Alpha City” movie project

I have a movie in the works, and I decided to make it with just a few voice actors and my computer, without the aid of Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Why? Well, using other people’s money makes me really nervous. Plus, for every Blue Ruin, the field is littered with crowdfunding projects that have just…imploded.

So, this is a short movie called, “Alpha City”. The story: Two friends, a bodybuilder and an engineer, fight to survive in a crumbling city while the mayor faces dangers beyond their imagination and technology.

You can kind of guess what the influences are based on the pitch alone. The idea for it kind of just occurred to me after years of contemplating Science Fiction, Animation and the dystopian (yet beautiful) city of Los Angeles, CA, where I’ve lived for most of my life. I won’t say that I’m doing a “Repo Man”, here. Just…something.

I will provide updates on this page as time goes on and the project nears completion. The voice actors are Edward Haynes Jr., Kez Gray, and Brittney Wallace. Sound design/mixing, editing and animation are done by me. Watch this space for updates.

Update of March 25, 2015: Animanic is complete. For now, it’s just for private viewing purposes. The purpose of an Animanic is to help establish the rhythm of a story…or, rather, a rhythm, because one has to be ready to hate/love what comes out during the development stage. Perhaps I’ll show some stuff when the rough animation is complete.

I am currently making a few rough scenes using Tupi, Kdenlive, Krita and Audacity. Have already made a few bits in “Cinema 4K” using Kdenlive and Krita, inspired by a helpful post on a blog titled, Micro 4/3rds Photography. Check it out if you’re a Kdenlive user who wants to make 4K stuff.

This process takes a long time mainly because of…well, my day job and some mental breakdowns breaks. Also, animation is not something can just half-ass, even if all one draws are stick figures (remember those countless stick figure animations on Newgrounds?). So…apologies for the delay, I’m still polishing things up.

Update of June 26, 2015: So…finally made a website! I also have a Twitter account for, “Alpha City”. Check it out, for it doesn’t just talk about my project (I mean, that would probably get tiring) but also other stuff. Other Indie projects, even! Already have one indie movie project following me, something to do with Women Wrestlers in a Haunted Place.

The website will be used to showcase…well, not just this blog, but also the talent behind the project as well (and their work). I do my best to promote everyone involved. It’s the least I can do for taking their precious time away just to work with me.

Update of August 2, 2015: So, I’ve done a fair share of self-promotion with my Twitter, but I have also started to open up as a person as a result. I don’t want to just spam people, I also want to engage them. I am a person, not just a moviemaker, so as a result my Twitter account has been quite personal. Though I still take the time to conceal my true identity Because Reasons. I’ve also made an update to alphcity.com, leaving a self-designed graphic for people to oogle over and use as a wallpaper…you know, if people even customize their wallpapers on their laptops/desktops anymore. Plus, it’s a 1080p image. I need to make scaled versions for 720p and other sizes just to be considerate.

Update of September 20, 2015: So, a while ago I posted a teaser trailer for the movie, “Alpha City”, on Vimeo and Youtube, and tweeted it at a bunch of people on Twitter. People favorited it, retweeted it and even gave a bit of commentary for it (thanks, folks). Now it’s about time I show it to you…on the front page of this blog. Yes, I know there’s already a website where one can see the thing, but this place has been long overdue for an update. Check it out!

All work on this blog is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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